Updating chandelier

I rewired the chandelier back together (here’s a step by step tutorial if you need it) and hung it using a new black chain that I picked up at Home Depot.My sweet husband had to add a box in the ceiling for this since there was no place to install it where I wanted it to go. Have you ever taken apart an old light fixture to create a “new” one?

I also sprayed the Glitter Blast clear sealer on it so that the glitter wouldn’t flake off.

Island painted in Guacamole and cabinets in Colony Green, both by Benjamin Moore.

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I needed a small chandelier for the bedroom, and she had the brilliant idea of gutting this early 1990s brass beauty that we found at the Re Store for about . The process I used to transform this outdated fixture is very straight forward.

I’ve shown you that photo before, and several readers have emailed that they have the exact fixtures hanging in their entryway and want them gone. I simply unscrewed the pieces until I was able to separate the glass enclosure from the chandelier.