Updating blackberry os on mac

The sad part is that Black Berry Desktop Manager for legacy Black Berry devices with OS 7.1 and older is not able to sync calendars and contacts on OSX 10.9 due to it using Apple’s Sync Services.

Everything else should work like backups and updates but not calendar/contact sync.

UPDATE1: Official Black Berry OS is now available for Curve 9360 and Bold 9790 from Telenor Norway and for Curve 9380 from Trigcom. It can take up to an hour while updating the software. Now you can disconnect your device from the computer and enjoying the new experience of Black Berry 7.1 OS such as Mobile Hotspot, Wi Fi Calling and FM Radio.

I recently started creating applications for mobile devices and have successfully completed an application for the i Phone. Can anyone please point me in the right direction as I only have access to a Mac and really want to get this project on the road. UPDATE: RIM has released a Mac OS Eclipse plug-in for Blackberry Development: there is no built-in simulator, the plug-in DOES support USB tethered device debugging for the Torch 9800 handhelds. With a Torch and the new plug-in, Blackberry development is possible without using a VM. ) PREVIOUS POST: Building on Mac OS works well once you set it up. On the whole though, being able to run Eclipse natively in Mac OS and flip to a Windows VM only for debugging is a big win in my book.BTW - the RIM released install tool for Mac OSX with Eclipse is really easy to use.However, the detail notes in the BLOG referenced in this answer is really insightful. Even though certain components of the RIM development platform are java-based, such as the JDE - other components such as the preverifier and device simulators are implemented as native Windows executables.I used my Black Berry Curve 9360 Apollo for example and leaked Black Berry OS can download the leaked Black Berry OS from here. During this step, don’t disconnect or interrupt your device. After waiting for around 30 minutes or more, your device should be completely updated.