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This data is collected as part of our normal release testing process whereby comparison is generated to the prior lot to ensure lot to lot consistency and to a stability lot to establish long term shelf life.

As a part of our continuous improvement process we implemented the concept of Retest Dates in 2006 on all products for which long term shelf life data has not been collected.

Cerilliant warrants the product to meet the acceptance criteria stated on the COA and suitable for quantitative applications (unless otherwise stated on the COA) when used on or before the stated Retest Date.

Qualitative use of the product is not limited by the Retest Date.

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Other sites are currently working to enhance their current quality systems that would meet the requirements of a recognized standard.

New COAs will be posted upon completion of recertification.

For Cerilliant products, the Retest Date should be interpreted to be the end of the month stated (May 2012 = May 31, 2012).

Electronic Notifications In the event a product fails recertification and no longer meets the stated acceptance criteria on the COA, a stability notification will be sent to all impacted customers.

Email notifications of COA Revisions are made automatically anytime a Cerilliant Certificate of Analysis has been revised.