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He made sure not to EVER let me actually wrestle (not even in practice) unless the office was there.

He set me up to look bad, having us (plan a match) and then switch partners right before a tag match started ( with WWE writers and agents there like Steamboat and Hayes. His reply was: ” What the hell Does Bill mean you arent ready??? ” So again I started asking him for matches and he would say…”Are you sure ??????

A man who in front of the entire class asked me “So, who did you sleep with to get hired?

” A man who made me drink an entire 6 pack of Beer and then do wrestling drills in front of the whole class to SAVE THEM from thousands of squats.

Besides that; what you are about to read is the cold – hard- truth of what a day in the life of an aspiring Diva,(hand picked by Kevin Dunn) who made the “mistake” of choosing “Atlanta” over “Louisville” and ended up “training” with Bill De Mott ;and what that was like for me.

Thanks to everyone who has continuously come forward over the years about the sexual harassment, racism, physical and emotional abuse synonymous with our environment ( for those whose fate and WWE dreams were placed into the hands of Bill De Mott).

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With that being said; once I get this out of my heart, I make a PROMISE to everyone who deserves to know the truth about the “biggest” controversy associated with my name in wrestling. But she has a trip planned for us so we have to pack and leave for Miami tonight after TNA goes off!!

That Vince would just get rid of me for making any waves what so ever. Hughes( who I met through him being the trainer at WWA4…the school I was going to to sneak in extra training…and where I met Heath in Atlanta) tried to call (WWE office in confidence) for me. The day that Bill beat me in the ring to “Teach Me How To Sell For A Man” He (Mr.

Ive been trying to scream from the mountaintops from day one, but I was crying to his friend Tommy Dreamer while they were at Bills house, sitting at his dinner table one night. Bill let me know if front of the class as they laughed… After 3 months at Deep South, I didnt even know how to do and arm drag. Hughes) called me back and told me everything was going to be ok….. He started telling everyone that I accused him of being a racist.

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