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Or maybe it is just that week together in Amsterdam. Maybe one day I’ll check into a hostel, find my counterpart, and we’ll travel the world together.

Destination relationships give travelers a chance at human contact — but without all the messy emotions that so often get involved. But, until that happens, I’ll be out there on the road because, what’s more important than finding love, is finding myself.

All sub genres welcome but all must contain a romantic element.

[close] A very friendly group dedicated to YA & NA Romance!

When you are always on the move, you are never in one place long enough to build a lasting relationship with someone.

Right as it’s about to blossom, it’s time for you…or them…to go. When the group went out later, the girl and I talked mostly to each other.

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You simply enjoy each others’ company for as long as it will last. Maybe it’s a few weeks up the east coast of Australia. But when they work, they are perfection (and I am envious of all my friends who have found it). I’d love to have a travel partner to explore the world with.Your head knows that freaking out won’t help you move on, but your heart has something completely different to say.Instead of being overwhelmed with emotion and driving down depression highway, try to take a more peaceful, Zen approach to the break-up.She became my travel partner for 2 months in Australia.I stayed at her place in Brisbane, and we met up again in Amsterdam the following year.