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Surrey would have enhanced powers in the form of a new civic charter from Victoria that would enable the city to act on its numerous problems, including social issues in an integrated way, as well as enhance the potential and capacity of its strategic strengths and assets. Surrey as a principality would have new powers and new authority and new money as it would have greater taxing authority and receive greater transfers to deliver programs from the provincial and federal government.

CITY COUNCILLORS ELECTED VIA WARDS | The City Councillors would be elected to represent each neighbourhood or ward.

"The whole purpose of what we do is to expose adults in our community that prey on children," he said.

"They can arrest me, they can charge me, and we'll take it in front of a judge.

"[The ruling said] the group wasn't at all interested in information that contradicted the story it wanted to tell ...

and it was actually misleading the public significantly." As to whether the ruling will have any effect on the group — especially given Laforge's defiant stance — Deisman is pragmatic, saying since the group tends to see itself as above the law, a ruling like this might not deter them as expected.