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If he got them to perform last season why isn't he getting the same players to perform this season.If SJ does go and I don't believe for one moment he will any chance of you following him which would obviously please many on this board.Equally remember a remarkable save right in front of me at Brentford in the autoglass (Jupp game) (NT) -- woodman, Monday, December 18, pm (No Host/ Help me out 94/95 (away Swansea)..lost, Morgs - not like him - ran off the pitch with not a glance at our away support. Tis the season to link Slav with a manager's job in Spain..., Monday, December 18, pm ( Do you think he’ll take Stuart Gray with him as the defensive coach?Who did we see half hour later munching happily on a burger? as there has been very little evidence in the last couple of years of much improvement in this department ? (NT) -- 🥃🥃🥃🥃, Monday, December 18, pm ( View -- CFFC, Monday, December 18, am (No Host/.135) I'm very much of the school that Slav is a good manager who wants to do the right things.Great shot stopper on his day, but prone to some horrendous fuckups and the one at home to Exeter probably sent us down.(NT) -- Same Old Story, Monday, December 18, pm (No Host/1.103) God i remember that fuck up still. (NT) -- Bad Boy, Monday, December 18, pm ( And here it is: https:// (NT) -- It's December!All this Joka bashing from so many : you are all so wrong and if he is not allowed to prove it here watch him do it (AGAIN) somewhere else , where he will be supported far more than is currently the case with Mr Shahid Khan and Son (NT) -- Mickey, Monday, December 18, pm ( Look, I agree with some of the things you say, even if you do say them too many times.

Not pander to his ego and say these players arent good enough for how i want to play.(NT) -- Everybody Lies, Monday, December 18, pm ( Not if he deems the other ‘tools at his disposal’ to not be fit for purpose.Why persevere with either /both CFs when they have proved themselves to be totally unsuitable and unable to play the roles they are asked ?However, what we are seeing now is pure stubborness on his part.Yes the players may not be good enough for the system he wants to play, but any good manager will look at what he does have and say, you know what how can i make these players work.