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We had his nasal passages flushed out and the fluid sent to the lab also - so we are hoping there is nothing sinister going on. x Pooh Bear (10), Lollie Lou Lou (10) and Bonnie (14) have always had each other.Banjo's nose was very swollen but hopefully he will be feeling better today. Little Polly our RWL Foundation dog had a check up and she has less fluid on her lungs which is good news. Their world recently turned upside-down, but it was nobody’s fault. While he was under our vet Dylan was able to check up both nostrils and he has some inflammation and blood on both sides.

"I wanted to have one thing that was quintessentially American, and the Thunderbird is. I loved Dumbledore's phoenix, and I wanted a bird in this film with its own mythology.You can see it in her eyes - the way she ever so slowly walks around the house and garden.She struggles to jump on the couch like she used to - a helping hand is often needed.So Mum Sharon will continue with her medication and hopefully keep her stable. They deserve the most wonderful home where they can stay together forever ❤️ They rely on each other so much for comfort and confidence.Her remaining eye with sight has about 50% sight now - and she is sleeping a lot more - but we know she is comfortable and happy and that is what counts. We can’t split them up, but this is where we need your help. 🙏 The more people who share, the more people it will reach.