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A classy lounge with privacy offered in the small booths lining up the farthest walls, the joint has a terrace that also serves as a smoking zone.

Mombasa’s leading female DJ Sashy is one of the resident DJs.

Shortly before he appeared at the parliamentary Select Committee hearing into foreign aid spending, Peter Young wrote to his staff saying DFID, the Government department that gave them millions in contracts, required them to get testimonials on how well their money was being spent…MPs said there had been ‘heavy criticism’ of DFID’s use of for-profit private organisations to deliver aid programmes.

Dfid secretary Priti Patel has told colleagues she has been ‘appalled’ by the closeness of between DFID and suppliers, telling them she will not tolerate ‘profiteering off the back of the suffering of the world’s poorest.’ The cache of leaked emails reveals that director Peter Young, ASI’s head of strategy, told staff that DFID ‘urgently needed’ testimonies from the recipients of British foreign aid to ensure ‘a strong response’ to the criticism.

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But ASI’s astonishing scam was foiled when sharp-eyed officials at the International Development Committee (IDC) realised they were being bombarded by submissions that all had suspiciously similar praise for the firm’s work.

The emails also raise questions over involvement of the Department for International Development (DFID), which has come under increasing pressure over doling out massive sums abroad amid public spending cuts at home.

It does not only offer a good party atmosphere but also privacy, which celebrities like.

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