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The interface of Sapio features Tinder-like swipe gestures, and is thus easy to navigate.It comes with chat functionality, but the same is enabled only when two potential matches have liked each other.She is someone with high levels of intelligence and confidence, and hence, extremely hard to please. Also, at the restaurant don’t take ages to decide whether you want paneer tikka or chicken wings. Display confidence, sound intelligent, be assertive and seem like a man who is calm and composed.You need to get your act together to keep her interested in you. Intelligent women are extremely driven and ambitious.She will be able to catch your act in a jiffy and in her mind, discard you immediately.Don’t say, ‘Yes, of course I know all about experimental physics,’ and then sit there like an imbecile when she talks about the Schrödinger’s thought experiment involving a cat. Read up, not just on things that interest her, but also read other things to impress her when you meet her next. They aren’t going to gobble you up if you fail to match up to their expectations. Don’t get overawed by their intelligence and suddenly become tongue-tied. As long as you’re someone with commonsense and an ability to think and function as a human being, you’ll be fine. And if you find yourself failing miserably, you can always return to the mind-numbing, yet comforting world of smoulderingly hot but incredibly dumb women.Those who are emotionally intelligent fare much better than those who are emotional disasters. Don’t get me wrong, having emotions is normal and important, but, you need to know how to put things into perspective and control your emotions.It will definitely make your dating life much easier to handle. You need to be able to control your emotions and make them work for you.

If she dislikes something, she will say it to your face. Be humble, and be nice to everyone, including the waiters."For many, defining oneself as sapiosexual has become statement against the current status quo of hookup culture and superficiality, where looks are prized above all else."Tynsk also told the Huffington Post that, coming from an LGBTQ family, she wanted to create an app that wasn't just for straight people and that "focused more on the mind and the heart than simply on looks." The app seems to do this by allowing users to connect through the "Question Explorer," where they can answer 300 open-ended questions from categories such as "Achievements" and "Inside My Head."While there's obviously nothing wrong with wanting to connect with someone based on shared interests and "the mind and the heart," who's to say that people who are hooking up on other apps aren't doing the same thing?Though the app doesn't require any sort of proof that you're an intelligent person (i.e., information about your college degree, or an IQ score), it remains to be seen whether your chances of meeting someone of a certain intelligence level would be any different here than on, say, Ok Cupid, where you can also make matches based on answers from questionnaires. You cannot take one more date filled with conversation revolving around shoes, bitchy friends, Bollywood, the new dress she just bought, or the million other irrelevant things that you’re least interested in.You’ve realised that this smouldering hot chick sitting across you is incredibly dumb.