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#17 - Unmarked Pay 'n' Spray: As one of the many glitches in the game, Rockstar left this Pay 'n' Spray in the game but didn't put it on the map.#18 - Bridge Facts: There is a sign with technical facts about the northernmost San Fierro bridge (Gant Bridge), next to Katie Zahn's favourite diner, along with a hunk of Cable used on the Bridge with a information sign next that.#12 - No Easter Egg Sign: On top of the Gant Bridge in San Fierro, there is a secret message saying 'There aren't any Easter Eggs up here. Earthquake damage can be found in the form of both the ruined freeway section next to the San Fierro freeway, and the ruined buildings behind CJ's garage in San Fierro.#14 - USS Numnutz: What's long, hard and full of seamen?#7 - Weddings and Weldings: This garage is actually a bomb shop and combines the real life drive-thru wedding services of Las Vegas with the convenience of getting your car equipped with high explosives.Not exactly a shotgun wedding but it's a lot more violent.#8 - V-Rock Hotel: In Las Venturas, as a reference to both GTA Vice City and the Hard Rock Cafe, one of the hotels is the V-Rock hotel.

#16 - Lil' Probe Inn: This UFO based bar is a spoof on a real life bar called the Lil' Ale Inn in Rachel, Nevada.The main thing of note is the huge dildo power tool. #13 - San Andreas Fault line: Underwater on the ocean floor is a large crack that spans between San Fierro and the other two islands.This is sadly unusable but is available in real life. This refers to the real-life San Andreas fault line that is the separation between the North American and Pacific continental plates.In GTA3 it can be seen inside Joey's Garage and within Sunshine Auto's in Vice City.#20 - The Fort Carson Tunnel: This tunnel can be found next to the ocean, to the west of Fort Carson.