Gay dating super bowl ad

The entertainment media speculates about what the halftime show will entail.And seemingly everyone — from casual fans to the New York Times — talks about the commercials.Sports news channels offer round-the-clock coverage of every pregame interview and workout.The NFL’s own cable network runs marathons of past Super Bowl highlights.

German luxury carmaker Audi has introduced a number of mock public-service announcements featuring the "Green Police" -- forest green-uniformed officers who give tips about saving energy. The Green Police was a name used in Nazi Germany to refer to the German Order Police, or Orpo, who were given the moniker because of their green uniforms. According to the Jewish Virtual Library, one battalion was central in sending Jews, Poles and Gypsies to concentration camps. viewers won't connect the "Green Police" in their history books with the ones in Audi's Super Bowl ad promoting its A3 TDI clean-diesel vehicle.Still, the lead-up to the game has been unusually full of controversy on the advertising front.Take CBS's decision to accept an advocacy ad from the Christian group Focus on the Family, which is being protested by women's groups including the National Organization of Women.Almost as soon as it aired, social media filled with people begrudgingly admitting that a beer commercial had made them cry, thanks to its use of Fleetwood Mac’s wistful "Landslide" and its story of a horse trainer being reunited with one of his Clydesdales. Pepsi's new ad featuring Kendall Jenner, which shows her handing a police officer a soda as a peace offering during a protest, drew controversy this week.