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” This ATHNA Blog will answer both questions using information from CDC for US practice and PHAC for Canadian practice.

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Read more from The Joint Commission: - Joint Commission Names Former ASC Administrator as Ambulatory Care Accreditation Program Field Director - Joint Commission Names Dr.After the maximum number of doses has been withdrawn, the vial should be discarded, even if there is residual and the expiration date has not been reached.Never use partial doses from two or more vials to obtain a dose of vaccine.As a result of these incidents, patients have suffered significant harms, including death.CDC and the One & Only Campaign urge healthcare providers to recognize the differences between single-dose and multiple-dose vials and to understand appropriate use of each container type. Do you have enough supplies to ensure safe injections? syringes, appropriate medications in right-sized vials when possible, personal protective equipment such as gloves and facemasks) should always be available.