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And his ex-wife, Fay, berates him after his child-support check bounces. And, after handling a domestic situation, Hill and Renko find their police unit has been stolen and are shot when they walk into a building to call in the theft.guest stars: Panchito Gomez (Hector Ruiz), Gary Grubbs (Earps), Gary Van Orman (Sneed), Nick Savage (bald-headed pickpocket), Jonathan Dasteel (Lamonica), Ron Godines (Contreras), Paul Michael (proprietor), Heshimu Cumbuku (pimp), Luisa Leschin (street kid), Don Cervantes (street kid), Richard Wright (killer junkie), Chris Doyle (angel dust junkie), Andy Garcia (street kid in booking), Rocky Echevarria (Fuentes), Veronica Redd (Alena), Eleanor Mc Coy (Jonette), Vernon Washington (William), Andy Arthur (street kid) writer: Michael Kozoll & Steven Bochco; director: Robert Butler 2.Furillo tries to defuse a powder-keg hostage situation in a liquor store despite a media circus, his overzealous Emergency Action Team leader and a pair of nervous gang kids and their leader. La Rue tries to pick up Davenport after sending her on a wild goose chase and receives a lapful of hot coffee in return.His secret lover, public defender Joyce Davenport, hounds him about a client who has been lost. Belker busts a bald-headed pickpocket, the first of several encounters to come. Phil Esterhaus tells Fay about his teen-age sweetheart, Cindy.The news prompts a summit with gang leaders that nearly turns sour thanks to the smug presidential press secretary.And to top it all off, he endures a personal clash with Davenport.A side of beef shot up during the hostage crisis is a quickly sized up by scheming officers as more than "evidence." La Rue and Washington continue their attempts to tie the gun from the Hill-Renko shooting to Hoban. Fay momentarily finds herself in the crosshairs of Furillo's officers when she pulls out a toy gun in the station house.

Hunter's weapon demonstration has hilarious results. Belker busts Kevin Herman Dracula for biting a prostitute and the mental out-patient's subsequent suicide in the station's new holding cell sends Joyce to Frank for comfort.Esterhaus assuages Bates' hurt feelings after an encounter with the tactless Hunter.Hill and Renko arrest a car thief whose mechanical genius proves both valuable and troublesome at the station.Emotions run high as Hill and Renko meet for the first time since they were shot.The new police decorator, Grace Gardner, tries Esterhaus' patience.