Dirty old men chat

Unfortunately it doesn't take long for them to realize that perhaps they've bitten off a bit more than they could chew when getting involved with an older man. Love, lies, rumors, and heartbreak quickly spiral out of control as both the girls and the men try to make sense of their confusing love lives. Kakashi/Tenten and Genma/Hinata will be the main focus, Shino/Ino, Sakura/? A/N: I'm going to say it right from the beginning, the theme of this story is female empowerment- and that includes looking at those who take it too far as well- It's also all about that time period where the rookies go from being the youngins, to being included as equal peers among the older generation.

So many fics tend to skip this time period, personally I love exploring that side of their life.

Kurenai was blushing quite heavily."Now I'm sure you're wondering why I've asked you all—"The door crashed open with a loud bang, interrupting a thoroughly peeved Tsunade.

Kakashi turned to see Anko strutting in, a wide smile on her face."Are we ready?

"Now that you're all here, perhaps we can begin."The group looked on expectedly.

All present were current instructors, though team leaders may be the proper title, since all of their students were now Chunin or higher. It seemed some understood what this was about and some did not.

It was just something joked about and likely had more to do with the age of teenagers making Chunin and the massive amount of partying that usually followed passing the exam, than an actual tradition."Anyways, as I was about to say, it seems the village has been putting this off for some time now …"Again she was cut off, this time by an obviously uncomfortable Kurenai. ""Yes it is," Tsunade snapped, making it clear to the room that she would not tolerate being interrupted again."Anko is sufficiently qualified, experienced, and has a way with fitting in with the younger generation.Two days later Tenten found herself standing out front the academy surrounded by a bunch of nervous looking girls.She sighed, wondering what really was going on here, clearly Gai had no idea."Tenten," he had said to her.