Dating tips when should you call her

She told me that she received over 500 emails in her first week. This reinforces why women are NOT obliged to write back polite rejection letters AND it reinforces why just because older men want attractive young women, they are unlikely to get a letter back. See my blog post “As Valuable as Your Options” if this isn’t clear to you. Plenty of women who are exasperated with the flood of emails delete their entire inbox just to keep things manageable.If she has 500 potential future spouses in the mix, why would she date a guy fifteen years older? What they DON’T do, and probably should is HIDE THEIR're different and memorable from other guys because you're not leaving early.Our favorite way of prolonging the conversation is by asking for the phone number about 3/5 from when we think the interaction should end: if we only have ten minutes to talk to the girl, we'll ask for the number 6-7 minutes into the conversation, and then have a really engaging conversation for the last 3-4 minutes.Give her a hug, tell her the plans you have for your future date, setup the next time you'll see her; just make it engaging and fun so she WANTS to see you again and will pick up her phone when you call her...To go even further, if you meet this girl in a club or in a place where you know she'll be in your vicinity for an hour or more, you should periodically communicate with her the entire night (this also includes sensual touching).

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Listen, if the conversation is going well to a point where she happily gives you her phone number, there shouldn't be a reason to leave.

But even if you’re a guy with a great personality, it’s easy to end up becoming just a friend instead of a lover.

If you want to make a girl fall in love with you, read these 10 tips on how to flirt with a girl and make her fall in love with you.

She could date a guy that’s just as successful and kind, but closer to her age. But as much as the young women complain about all of the awful guys who write to them, they generally refuse to stem the tide by removing themselves or going without a picture.

I wrote about this extensively in and think that if your biggest problem is the volume of the “wrong men” writing, it’s really easy to fix.