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Your tour begins on Decatur Street in the French Quarter with a 30‐minute training in the basics of Segway use.Once you’ve got your bearings on the electric two‐wheeler, you’ll take off on a whirlwind adventure with your expert guide.As one in three adolescent girls is a victim of adolescent dating abuse and about 72% of eighth and ninth graders report dating, this policy promotes a specific, focused, and integrated system of supports to build a school climate that encourages healthy relationships and addresses all forms of adolescent dating abuse (verbal, emotional, sexual, and physical that can be carried out through technological abuse). encourages districts in Orleans Parish to adopt this policy and will assist schools in implementing these guidelines as part of existing policies and other efforts to address bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, or other forms of abuse among students.Adolescent dating abuse prevention and intervention strategies can be used in advance of potential state mandates and to meet responsibilities under federal law.just out of curiosity, does any one know of any speed-dating events in NOLA?My friend tried it out and suggested it to me, but it was totally random. I can't seem to find anything on speed dating events that are scheduled ahead of time. if I meet someone and they're a Yelper, they just got a lot of brownie points from me!This policy is designed to ensure that every school has a staff that is prepared effectively in incidents and reports of abuse and to prevent abusive behaviors by engaging staff, parents and students in promoting healthy teen relationships and to direct follow up when incidents are reported and/or occur.If you are interested in any of the services available through the Speak Up!

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can be used as a dating abuse prevention tool for middle and high school students, both male and female.We would be happy to provide information and resources to teens and young adults at community events.To learn more about the programs listed above, please contact Jennifer Taylor at [email protected] you would like to schedule a workshop, please complete the Interest Form. The resource center is located at the New Orleans Family Justice Center; however, a Dating Abuse Advocate might be available on the school site (upon request & availability).Students will be able to obtain information on how to stay safe by creating a safety plan, building a support system, and accessing legal services (restraining order, custody agreement, and legal advice).