Dating gender stereotypes

Challenging Myths and Advancing Equality It is important to identify the unique struggles and difficulties experienced by each sub-group within the LGBT population. continues to evolve, and as gay men become increasingly more open about our true identities, we must take advantage of all opportunities to educate others about what is correct, and what isn't, in relation to male homosexuality.

As a gay man I have a particular interest in challenging myths and stereotypes relating to gay men in America (and around the world).

Opponents of marriage equality demonize gay men as sex-obsessed on the one hand and yet on the other hand refuse to support their access to an institution (marriage) that aims to foster sexual monogamy and life-long interpersonal commitment.

What is truly amazing is that throughout history and to this day, so many gay men have been able to sustain long-term committed relationships with a male partner in spite of having to deal with intense societal discrimination and lack of structural support for their relationships.

There is no evidence to suggest that how people parent their children has any direct involvement in the type of sexual orientation a child subsequently develops.

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This heinous attempt to mischaracterize gay men as "child predators" and "recruiters" for homosexuality becomes particularly problematic in domains where the care of children is of paramount importance, such as in schools and activity-based organizations (e.g. Sadly, in their efforts to avoid the toxic label of "pedophile," some gay men socially distance themselves from the male children of friends/relatives, avoid employment roles which involve close contact with boys, or refrain from pursuing a life as a foster carer or adoptive parent. Parenting: "Two gay men as a couple can't raise healthy and happy children" Those who support discrimination against gay men frequently claim that children need a "mom and a dad" in order to prosper in life.

There are many other gay men, however, who display them.

While personality-based stereotypes about gay men don't on the surface seem particularly toxic, they are damaging to the extent that they play a role in homogenizing gay men and concealing their uniqueness as individual human beings. Sexual Attraction: "Gay men are attracted to all men and can't control their desires" Like any other group of people, men who are homosexual are attracted to only certain types of men who spark their interest or sexual desire.

The suggestion by opponents of equality that male homosexual desire is inherently more "sexual" or more "hedonistic" than heterosexual desire is ludicrous. Sex Roles: "Gay men focus on anal sex and mimic male/female sex roles" The core feature of male homosexuality is sexual attraction to other men, not an exclusive focus on a particular behavior (e.g. There are many different types of behaviors that gay men can engage in when interacting sexually with other men.

Anal sex is indeed one such activity, but it's certainly not an activity that engage in. men who have sex with men are over-represented in the population of people who has HIV/AIDS, labeling the illness as a "gay" one dismisses the reality that HIV transmission globally is uniquely associated with one particular group: human beings (of all sexual orientations).