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Then to a discharge port warehouse, and finally on a truck to you.

A lot can happen in this time, and you need to be sure that your export packaging is up for the task.

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In addition to the above three common containers, there are special types if your cargo is not so regular. No matter which type of the container is, you can find many useful data printed on the door, such as CNTR NO., MAX. CAP…You can buy just the quantity products you need, and forget about how much space it takes.

Not only the physical in-out, but also complicated shipping documents. Location: Shanghai Municipality, East Coast Website: Situated at the tip the of the Yangtze River delta, enjoys the most economically developed hinterland in China, and can extend its reach further to the interior provinces via river ports along the thousands-mile-long waterway.

The unit LCL freight price should be higher than unit FCL. There are innumerable factories of neighbouring Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.

Please note the minimum billable weight/volume for LCL is 1 cbm or 1 ton. But in fact, courier such as DHL/UPS/Fed Ex is more competitive for this kind of small package.

Generally speaking, it’s better to choose express courier than LCL for the billable weight of a shipment under 100kg, sometimes even 200kg for certain destination countries.