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He has said that his intention was to rob Ellis and Abdill.Media reports said the robbery scheme was part of plan get enough money to win back Kosova.His money frustrations were compounded by depression when he was rejected by a Las Vegas stripper named Alla Kosova, whom he considered to be his girlfriend, because he did not have enough money to visit her.

He also claimed to have killed George because he wanted to test the silencer he'd just built for his handgun.

Police contacted California authorities and found that Acremant was under investigation there for the October 3 disappearance of one of his friends.

He was tracked down to a Stockton motel room and arrested on December 13, 1995.

They also worked as activists, fighting two Oregon state ballot initiatives in 19; Measure 9 intended to amend the state constitution to declare homosexuality "abnormal, wrong, unnatural and perverse," and Measure 19 intended to restrict library access for materials related to homosexuality.

At the time of their murders, Ellis and Abdill had been together for 12 years.