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There is definitely some back and forth with Declan as well that becomes a possibility.

Declan and Lori sort of talk about it and are sort of exploring that road again.

Then I do have a Web site, aprilmatson.com, that’s sort of under construction, but there is a way to contact me through that too.

That sort of just has a few pictures and what I’ve been doing. There’s definitely a new guy in the picture that is a possibility. We have a really great chemistry together, so you can look forward to that.

He’s definitely charming and America is falling in love with him.

Any time Lori doesn’t sort of go back to him, I think is always going to be disappointing, because he really is so, so charming in the last half of the season.

It’s definitely different than doing a film or a play because you develop a character over so much time that you know so well and you learn from.

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She does definitely work it out and gets back to moving on, songwriting again, more drama with Declan and just she lets go of all that anger, so definitely I think we’ll get back to the Lori that we all love. I didn’t realize how much that came off as – how different that was for the character.That’s the only reason I have a My Space because there was somebody on there for a long time that was pretending to be me, so I had to make my own to sort of kick them off.And I do get a lot of sort of fan mail comments and messages. I don’t have a dialog with fans online, but I do post a blog every once in a while just to sort of update everybody.I wanted to know your feeling about it and if you had a favorite from your childhood, or if it was “Star Trek” or if it was a certain series on television, or if you were a Battlestar fan. What is it about the show and the genre that you enjoy your work acting, if you can share that?I actually – well, I mean most of my part on the show, I’m not that involved with the whole science fiction part of it, and I didn’t necessarily grow up being a fan of any specific type of thing, but I always loved shows like “X-Files.” I think what I like about our show is it’s not science fiction like there’s not these random monsters and aliens running around.