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This step-by step guide will show you EXACTLY how to get any woman's # and EXACTLY how to text her in the most attractive way possible.

I believe that this book would save most single women out there months or even years of frustration of not understanding why guys don’t ask them out on a date or why they don’t call them after the first date. Good Enough – this is yet another incredibly useful book for women, in which the writer who has gone through many ups and downs in her dating life is looking back and shares her successes, mistakes and regrets.

This book is extremely valuable to younger women, as it will disabuse them of the misguided frame of mind that so many of them have when meeting guys and dating, and having unreasonable expectations is just one of them.

#1 date breaker described in the book, called “The Boss Lady” is a total must-read for every professional woman in the western world.

The writer covers just about every possible issue or mistake that real women out there make with men when going out on first dates and right after and effective ways to distinguish yourself by avoiding those mistakes.

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Practical recommends the following books and movies that we believe contain very useful information on different aspects of dating and relationships, and are also well worth reading/watching for other reasons.

Griffin & Phoenix – this is a great movie but it is also one of the saddest movies I have seen.

Both men and women can learn plenty from this movie about confidence, humor and banter, flirting and dynamics in intense relationships.